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Doc At Home

Doc At Home is a I.T enabled Medical Management Company providing qualified Doctors to treat primary healthcare issues in the comfort of your home or office.
Visit to the doctor's clinic for treatment can be uncomfortable and time consuming, not only for the patient but for family members as well.

Travelling to the Clinic / Hospital, facing the risk of exposure to hospital or clinical germs, stopping over at the medical store or at the Pathology Lab for investigation usually takes away time from other productive activity.

Doc At Home is a solution to avoid all this by requesting a Doctor to visit your home, office or place of work.

A fast, efficient and cost effective method to get treatment in the comfort of your home or office which results in better Doctor – Patient interaction and treatment.

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How it Works

Connect to Doc At Home by using our App or call our toll free number.

Our Doctor will visit you at a suitable time and after diagnosis will provide the treatment prescription.

Medicines or any Blood tests that maybe required can be outsourced to our preferred vendors who will also arrange these services to be provided to you at home.

Doc At Home has empaneled a number of Specialist Consultant Doctors, Hospitals, Pathology Labs, Medical Shops, Ambulance providers, Nursing Bureaus and Physiotherapists who might be required by the patient for further treatment.

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Technology: Our backbone

Our state of the art proprietary software created especially for Doc At Home is the backbone of the communication platform between patient and Doc At Home. Our Doctors are extensively trained to use this software on modern communication devices to ensure instant communication between patient and Doctor.

Our software is optimized to ensure that the Doctors treatment protocol is standardized by allowing him access to the company’s database ensuring timely intervention and quick clinical decisions.

Patient data is maintained in our own servers, which will help our Doctors to provide appropriate treatment to patients who need repeat investigation by our Doctors.

Our Doctors

Doc At Home is a company which takes its role seriously hence ensures that all our doctors are MCI/ MMC/ MCIM registered practitioners. Our doctors have undergone extensive training and orientation required for home base services. They follow detailed protocols for interacting with patients and providing effective treatment. Ongoing quality assurance in all aspects of diagnosis and treatments is our operating motto.

Doc At Home…. useful for whom?

Doc At Home is most suited for anyone who requires primary healthcare e.g. Fever, Cold, Cough, Acidity, Vomiting, Loose Motion, Pain and aches, etc.

Families with children and senior members who require medical attention at various times.

Travellers, Students staying alone or anyone needing primary medical attention at home, office or place of work. Anyone who needs medical care to reach him at his place can avail the services of Doc At Home.